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Responsive Parenting Inspirations

Emotionally Overwhelmed Workshop Series

Emotionally Overwhelmed Workshop Series

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4 Monthly Sessions

Sessions are recorded and can be watched at any time.

Emotionally Overwhelmed: Learning to listen to your nervous system

I am often asked “if you could only teach parents one thing, what would it be?” This is it. Understanding how our nervous system works is the key to understanding our children, ourselves and the people around us. 

Do you want to help your child and yourself to understand emotions and how they impact our mind and body? That’s the key to a flexible nervous system. There are dozens of self-regulation and co-regulation exercise, in this workshop series, along with many reflection practices. It’s stocked full of resources and helpful information, as well as many practical examples.

Session 1: Learning to Listen to Your Nervous System

Session 2: Understanding How Our Body Reacts to Stress

Session 3: Nervous System Regulation

Session 4: Teaching Children About the Nervous System

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