Who is J. Milburn?

I am a mother of three and I share my life with my very loving, and patient husband and partner. I have a Degree in Child Development and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I have experience in many areas of child development, education and community support including parent support, inclusive learning environments, Forest and Nature Schools, Reggio Emelia Schools and Early literacy support. I’m certified in Mental Health First Aid, RIRO and Hanon. I have done extensive research on breastfeeding, attachment and infant/child sleep. Our approach to parenting is based on the Principles of Responsive Parenting. I wrote these principles as an affirmation of the parent I want to be, not always the parent I am. I try to live these principles and when I don’t quite follow my own advice, I reflect on that experience. We offer a unique approach to parenting where we don’t really try to change our children’s behaviour but rather, try to understand it and support their needs.