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“Part of this healing journey is looking at ourselves, gaining insight into our emotional triggers and admitting that maybe we’re struggling not because our child is broken but because our child has broken us open and now we’re scrambling around trying to pick up the pieces we had so tightly packed in.” J. Milburn

Join me for our NEW 52 Weeks of Reflection Practice for Responsive Parents Program! Patreon Responsive Parenting Community Members get access to the weekly reflections and insights, as well as bi-monthly Real Parenting Moment Reflections. You also get access to all the workshop sessions and resource packages through the Patreon Responsive Parenting Community Membership, which is only 10$’s a month… for EVERYTHING 😱  Learn how to use reflection to process all the complex, confusing, frustrating and overwhelming moments in your parenting journey. Reconnect with your inner child so you can better understand and connect with your child ❤️