Collection: Workshops

Responsive Parenting Workshops are all self-led and downloadable MP4 videos (some have resource packages, as well).

People often ask "where do I start?" Well it depends... If you have a child under the age of 4, I highly recommend the Toddler Workshop Series which covers everything toddler, from tantrums to toileting, to sleep and even weaning.

If you have a child over the age of 4, I would start with the Emotionally Overwhelmed Workshop Series. It's not just for those who feel Emotionally Overwhelmed, it's really an indepth look into the nervous system and how dysregulation impacts our behavior and our child's. There are dozens of regulation techniques in this workshop series and really it's information that everyone on this planet would likely benefit from.

If you feel like you have the regulation skills and you are ready to just dive into Responsive Parenting, the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge is for you. The workshop covers how to manage difficult situations, without correcting. It also offers many ways to connect with your child and explains the logic behind this practice/theory.