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Connect Instead of Correct Challenge EBook

Connect Instead of Correct Challenge EBook

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We can connect instead of correct.

I have taken the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge Workshop Series and turned it into a book. Why?! Because I basically explain how to connect instead of correct in most of the common scenarios that parents ask about.

Some topics covered

- Bedtime

- Getting ready in the morning

- Out in public (public dysregulation, material wants, impatience, incentives vs. rewards)

- Mealtimes

- Messes

- Aggression

- “Rude” behaviour

- Safety concerns

And so much more… I also explain the “why” behind all this, including a lot of links to research and additional resources to support your learning. Even if you aren’t ready for the challenge, the book will help you understand this approach in a way I just can’t teach via social media posts.


Take the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge!

4 weeks to a more connected relationship with your child

Week 1: Try not to correct for a week

Week 2: Replace correction with connection

Week 3: Reflect on the times your were able to be more connected.

Week 4: “Yes Day” (child-led, yes day) and reflection.

This is digital workshop series was so popular that I created an EBook of the content to make the challenge more accessible. Even if you’re not sure that you want to take the challenge, the book has many practical examples of how to connect instead of correct in various common parenting situations such as; 

This EBook has a variety of articles and reflections to help support your learning, as well as the content from the workshop series.


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