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Responsive Parenting Inspirations

Responsive Parenting Mentor Certification Exam

Responsive Parenting Mentor Certification Exam

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This exam is required to become a Certified Responsive Parenting Mentor. The exam was created by J. Milburn. You have unlimited time to complete it. The exam will be graded within 30 days of submission. J. Milburn will provide feedback on your exam responses. You are not required to purchase the Study Pack in order to take the exam but it is strongly advised, especially for someone less familiar with Responsive Parenting

Exam includes:

- Bio write-up

- 20 real parent questions

- Reflection question about Responsive Parenting 

This exam is about the application of Responsive Parenting.

Once you have passed the certification process, you will receive

- Certificate (PDF)

- Professional Introduction on my page (any time that works for you)

- Added to my referral list of available mentors

- Part of community of Responsive Parenting Mentors with private FB group

- Continued monthly group coaching sessions with J. Milburn

If you do not receive an 80% on the exam, you will not be certified. A re-write will cost 300$’s. Please contact for a re-write discount code.

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