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Responsive Parenting Inspirations

Session 3 Misbehaviour is Usually Misunderstood Behaviour

Session 3 Misbehaviour is Usually Misunderstood Behaviour

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Session 3 of Responding to the Needs of Your Toddler Workshop Series focuses on tantrums (aka emotional release).

Why they happen

What to do about them

How to avoid them at the wrong time

How to process your own emotions around them

This session is FILLED with examples of scripts, strategies, reflections and insights. Lots of practical and relatable situations based on the questions submitted by real responsive parents!

Even if you have not done the other sessions, this one can be purchased separately and should be helpful for anyone who has any questions about tantrums and/or strong-willed toddlers.

MP4 Download. Please include your email.

Common Questions about the Toddler Workshop

  1. Is it at a certain time? No, you can watch the sessions anytime.
  2. Can I access them offline? Yeah, they are MP4’s so you can download them to your device.
  3. Is there a limit to how many times I can watch them? No
  4. What is the format? They are animated power point presentations. Sessions 1-3 are not narrated and sessions 4-6 are narrated.
  5. A workshop like this usually costs over 100$’s, why is yours so cheap? I just want it to be accessible.


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