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Connect Instead of Correct Challenge EBook

Connect Instead of Correct Challenge EBook

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We can connect instead of correct.

I have taken the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge Workshop Series and turned it into a book. Why?! Because I basically explain how to connect instead of correct in most of the common scenarios that parents ask about.

Some topics covered

- Bedtime

- Getting ready in the morning

- Out in public (public dysregulation, material wants, impatience, incentives vs. rewards)

- Mealtimes

- Messes

- Aggression

- “Rude” behaviour

- Safety concerns

And so much more… I also explain the “why” behind all this, including a lot of links to research and additional resources to support your learning. Even if you aren’t ready for the challenge, the book will help you understand this approach in a way I just can’t teach via social media posts.

Take the Connect Instead of Correct Challenge!

4 weeks to a more connected relationship with your child

Week 1: Try not to correct for a week

Week 2: Replace correction with connection

Week 3: Reflect on the times your were able to be more connected.

Week 4: “Yes Day” (child-led, yes day) and reflection.

This EBook has a variety of articles and reflections to help support your learning, as well as the content from the workshop series.


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