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Responsive Parenting Inspirations

Responsive Parenting Mentor Certification Study Package

Responsive Parenting Mentor Certification Study Package

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This package includes every article, guide, video and resource you will need to become a Certified Responsive Parenting Mentor.

The program is hosted on Teachable.

The study package also includes exclusive access to our Responsive Parenting Mentor Community FB Group. This group is for those studying for certification and also for those who have already been certified. 

To complete your registration: Upon purchase, you will be able to download a registration form that can be emailed to


Within 2 weeks of returning your registration form

- You will be enrolled in the Study Package Program on Teachable. You will receive an email letting you know about your registration.

- You will receive an invitation to join the private FB group for Certified Responsive Parenting Mentors.

- There is no deadline for completing your study package or exam.

- This course/certification is self-led, however, there is a community of people to support you, including J. Milburn.

- The resources in the study package can also be used by you, in the field. You just cannot resell the resources. However, you can teach in-person classes, using the materials as well as use parts of the resources to support your online work and beyond.

- This certification is intended to compliment your current strengths and knowledge. I hope Certified Responsive Parenting Mentors feel encouraged to create their own practice of Responsive Parenting, as I feel we all have something unique to offer to the world of parenting support.

- Although it is not required to certify, the Study Package will be updated, as new courses and resources become available.

- By joining this community we can support each other in developing a network of Certified Responsive Parenting Mentors, who all bring something unique and special to our practice.

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