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Responsive Parenting Inspirations

Toddler Workshop Series (FULL WORKSHOP)

Toddler Workshop Series (FULL WORKSHOP)

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For some parents, baby’s needs can seem quite obvious and easy to meet.

Then their snuggly little baby who is happy as long as you are holding them, becomes a toddler. The trust has been established and now they are onto another mission; autonomy.

This transition can be confusing for parents. You may find yourself questioning your child’s needs. Suddenly, a snuggle is not enough.

Or you may have found the infant stage confusing. Maybe it felt like everything you read didn’t fit your child. Maybe you struggled to feel connected to your child and just as you started to figure their needs out a bit, they change!

Figuring out the needs of a baby can be challenging enough....

But that transition to toddlerhood....

Can be a bit of a wake-up call.

We can start to question “what is a need”?

And that’s where we will begin....

What are needs and how do we know when something is a need or a want?

Some of you may be saying “why does it matter?” It matters for creating balance in your own ability to be responsive. It also allows us to prioritize needs. We are not against the meeting of wants here, we just want parents to have a plan for making choices.

In this series of sessions we will deconstruct our image of toddlers. Then we will rebuild our understanding of toddlerhood and rethink our perception of their needs in order to better understand and support their unique personal development.

This process will involve reflecting on your own parenting and childhood. It may also involve a transition from a “problem solving” based perspective to a strengths-based perspective. This sounds like a simple change but there is a profound difference which can alter the way we see the world, not just our children.

Parents are generally pretty busy people so all the workshop sessions can be completed in under 30 minutes or there are options for ways to extend your reflection and practice. The workshops do not have sound for several reasons but mostly because it reduces the amount of memory these MP4's take up on your phone or tablet. 

MP4 Download. Please include your email.

Common Questions about the Toddler Workshop

  1. Is it at a certain time? No, you can watch the sessions anytime.
  2. Can I access them offline? Yeah, they are MP4’s so you can download them to your device.
  3. Is there a limit to how many times I can watch them? No
  4. What is the format? They are animated power point presentations. Sessions 1-3 are not narrated and sessions 4-6 are narrated. 

PLEASE READ: This workshop series, available on Teachable, includes every MP4 session, every PDF, as well as bonus materials such as the Guide to Survival Mode Plans and Co-Regulation Exercises. 

When you complete your purchase, you will be sent a link where you will fill out a form. If you do not receive the email, within 24 hours, check your spam folder. There is a link in the email so it occasionally gets recognized as spam. You will then receive an invite to the Workshop Series, through email, within the next 7 days. If you prefer to skip that step you can simply register through the link below and start immediately.


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