Certified Responsive Parenting Mentors

In this section you can book an appointment with a Certified Responsive Parenting Mentor. You can also become one!

Certified Responsive Parenting Mentors have completed extensive training, including an exam, in order to be certified. The training and exam was created by J. Milburn. who completes all the certifications personally and continues to support RP Mentors, after certification, as well. Many come from parenting and child related professional backgrounds and have chosen to become certified in order to feel confident in teaching Responsive Parenting to clients. You may also want to complete certification so you can share Responsive Parenting with your local Play Group, Church, Community Centre, or Parenting Support Group. 

There are Full and Partial scholarships available for Certification.

Link to application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Id4nd3ahygLKxEsbAnxfusV_LalEHFwDj2U9YP_JLaQ/edit